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Local Government

Our local government is only as effective and representative as we make it. Citizen involvement is what makes a city that works for and represents the community it serves.


With Gladstone's population of only 12,000 citizens, your voice matters and has an impact when you connect with our local government. Here are some ways you can learn more and get involved.

City of Gladstone

Gladstone City Council meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm. During the pandemic the council has met either fully or partially virtually on Zoom. Gladstone residents are encouraged at attend council meetings. It's a great way to keep up-to-date on the happenings in the city, as well as get an understanding of the workings of city government. 

Meeting agendas, video recordings, and upcoming meeting dates are available on the City of Gladstone's Meeting website. 

Gladstone's City Council is composed of 6 councilors and the mayor, all elected to 4 year terms. The mayor and city councilors are all volunteers, and they aren't career politicians. They are our neighbors who are volunteering their time and energy to serve and represent us. 

If you have feedback about a City Council meeting agenda item or want to bring business before the council, make your voice heard! You can:

  • Email the council at . I recommend CCing City Recorder Tami Bannick for visibility. 

  • Speak at a council meeting. Our city council was elected to represent the people of Gladstone, and they need to hear from us regularly. To speak at a council meeting, email City Recorder Tami Bannick before noon on the day of the meeting and let them know:​​

    • Your name​

    • City of residence

    • Topic of discussion

      • If you're speaking about an agenda item, OR​

      • If you're bringing new business to the council (anything not on the agenda)

Speaking at a council meeting, or even emailing local officials can be intimidating. It's our responsibility as citizens in a democracy to speak up about issues that are affecting our community, and it's the responsibility of our elected officials to listen. Let's get engaged!

The City of Gladstone has established these boards, commissions, and committees:

  • Planning Commission

  • Traffic Safety Advisory Board

  • Park & Recreation Advisory Board

  • Senior Center Advisory Board

  • Audit Committee

  • Budget Committee

As of January 2022, there is a current vacancy on the Budget Committee. In the past few years there are often more open positions than there are volunteers. If you have any interest in volunteering for the city, serving on a board, commission, or committee is an excellent choice. Check out the City of Gladstone's website for more info.

The Gladstone Police Department offers more resources than you might think!

Check out their website for information about free bike helmets for kids and adults, community resources, and crime reporting. 

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