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Welcome to Gladstone!

New in town? Here are some basics to help you settle in. 


Set up utilities/park access

Contact the City of Gladstone to set up your water/sewer account. Stop by City Hall with proof of Gladstone residency for a free annual parking pass to Meldrum Bar park

Enroll your student/get access to library services

Contact Gladstone School District to enroll your child in school. Visit the Gladstone Library to check out books and get to know available library services. Free Seeds for your garden and virtual storytime are local favorites!

Get Connected

Follow local social media accounts to stay on top of upcoming events

(see below for some favorites)

To Know:

Here are some solid social media accounts to follow to keep on top of Gladstone news and events:

Happy Rock Families

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for community updates and events!

If you're not a member of your local buy nothing group, you're missing out! This is a great place to share items and community with your neighbors. 

City of Gladstone

The City of Gladstone maintains active Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts. Public meetings are generally posted to YouTube a day or two after they happen. 

The Gladstone School District maintains a strong social media presence on Facebook. There's a ton of helpful info being posted here for families, even if your kids aren't in GSD yet. 

Gladstone Voices posts news and information relevant to Gladstone, with an anti-racist and inclusive lens. 

There are dozens of Gladstone Facebook groups out there, but Chit Chat 2.0 is the biggest and most well moderated. 

Clackamas Parenting Together offers free parenting classes, information, and resources for families in Clackamas County. Their "Get Prepped for Preschool" event is an excellent resource for sourcing a preschool that fits your family. 

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