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Non-Parenting Resources

Because it's not always about the kids

Community Classes

The Community School program provides a broad range of learning opportunities to all ages of Gladstone residents. Sports, languages, art, investment, gardening, and more! 


The Backyard Habitat Certification Program provides excellent tools and resources for homeowners looking to incorporate native plants and habitat creation into their landscaping. Gladstone has some beautiful Oak Savannah habitats, and this program can help you figure out what to plant to help your yard fit into the natural environment and provide habitat to native species of insects and birds. 

Over the river in West Linn, Bosky Dell is the OG native plant nursery. They have amazing selection and quality, and there are so many secret nooks and crannies to explore. Even if you aren't in the market for plants, grabbing a cup of coffee and exploring Bosky Dell makes for a pretty fun weekend date. 

Tomatoes not thriving? Got some weird white stuff on your peas you can't get rid of? OSU's Master Gardener Extension Service offers free help. 

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