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Service Organizations


Gladstone/Oak Lodge Rotary Club has a wonderful presence in the community. They organize the Gladstone Community Festival, and sponsor service programs throughout the year including feeding and clothing our neighbors in need, and providing dictionaries for all 3rd graders at John Wetten. 

Check out their website and follow them on social media to stay connected!

The Clackamas Bookshelf is an active community of neighbors that works to improve access to books in the Clackamas County area. You can visit their bookstore at Kraxberger Middle School for amazing deals on books for kids and adults. 

Gladstone Mutual Aid was founded during the ice storm in February of 2021. Many Gladstonians were left without power for more than a week, and needed food, fuel, and heat. 

Some local moms got together and organized a facebook group to connect neighbors who had urgent needs with neighbors who were able to help. Neighbors who had food that was about to go bad in their fridges got together at the high school and held a cookout to share food and community. It was really really lovely. 

The facebook group isn't as active as it was during the ice storm, but neighbors still use it as a place to support each other in times of need. If another natural disaster or heavy weather event hits, this is a good place to find support and community from your neighbors. 

Neighbors Helping Neighbors is a program operated by the Gladstone Police Department that assists folks in resolving common code issues. Instead of jumping to enforcement for code issues like overgrown yards and removing debris, Gladstone PD will first work with the Neighbors Helping Neighbors volunteers to assist people in resolving the issue. Many of the neighbors served by this program are elderly or may have disabilities. More info on the GPD website

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