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What can I do to support a welcoming and inclusive Gladstone?

Creating an inclusive, vibrant community doesn’t happen on its own. It’s the result of many people working together and with intention. Here’s what you can do to help build a Gladstone that is strong, inclusive, and can weather any storm:

1) Speak up! Be vocal about what you want to see in your community in conversations with your friends and neighbors. If you own a business or volunteer for an organization, consider making a statement supporting diversity and inclusion in Gladstone. Ask your faith leaders what your religious community is doing to support inclusion in Gladstone.

2) Directly support those affected! Support local businesses who have been targeted by hate groups. Check in with your neighbors and make sure they’re ok. Even if someone hasn’t been directly targeted by a hate group, an attack on one member of the community is an attack on us all. Check in on your Black, Indigenous, POC, Jewish, and queer neighbors. Make sure they know you support them and have their back. Ask about what you can do to work towards a safer Gladstone for everyone. Listen to their answers and take action.

3) Support candidates who are working towards a more inclusive Gladstone! Follow them on social media, talk about them with your neighbors, donate to their campaigns. Volunteer your time and money to helping them get elected.

4) Volunteer! The antidote to fear and hate is connection and community. Find a local organization and volunteer your time. The more meaningful connections we have with each other, the more responsive and healthier our community becomes. The Gladstone Kids Closet, The Living Room, Gladstone Food Bank, Rotary Club, your kids’ schools, and City of Gladstone Boards and Committees are all excellent options.

5) Build community! Talk to your neighbors, get to know the other parents at the drop off line. Ask your neighbors how they’re doing, and be there for each other. There’s unity in community.


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